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Cars in sandbox: Construction

Cars in sandbox: Construction


0.99 - 2.99

A giant sandbox full of construction vehicles are waiting for your truck enthusiast.
The Bottom Line
If you have a kids who loves all things that go Vrrroom, don't miss this fun truck exploration app.

A Playable Construction Site

For kids who become entranced watching at construction sites, this app places them in a giant sandbox filled with eight movable construction vehicles. There's a grader, a dump truck, a tractor, a dumper, a telescopic handler, a crane, and a loader

Offers Both Missions and Open Play

Each vehicle has a mission for kids to accomplish, such as moving balls into a container using the grader. But they can also just play around in this make-believe construction site.

How to Play

Kids move the vehicles by tilting their device or by placing a finger on the side they want the vehicle to move. By experimenting with touch, kids can open the doors, toot the horns, and flash the vehicle's lights. They can also touch objects such as a toy rocket ship or a Teddy bear to load them into the trucks.

App Analysis

Cars in sandbox: Construction is a nifty app for truck-loving kids. It lets them experiment with realistic-looking toy trucks to see what they do in real life. The app also encourages kids to use fine motor skills as they open doors, extend the arm of a crane, or turn on flashing lights. If kids are having trouble figuring out what to do with each truck, the background shows pictorial instructions. And when kids finish a mission, they are rewarded with stars.

Best For

This app is best for vehicle-lovers who get captivated by watching construction sites.

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Cars in sandbox: Construction
Released: 1/27/2014
Company: Thematica
Price: 0.99 - 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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