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Kids climb aboard the ChuggaBugga train for a memorable ride driven by two adorable bugs.
The Bottom Line
This imaginative train ride will delight all vehicle-loving kids as they open up each train car to reveal its surprise.

A Visually-exciting Train Ride

With an engine and four boxcars to explore, ChuggaBugga provides kids with touchable surprises. As the scenery zooms by in the background, kids can make the train's whistle toot and the bell ring. To explore the train cars, kids tap the fluttering butterflies.

How to Play

The four boxcars look innocuous; but once tapped, they unfold to reveal surprising 3D worlds filled with a construction site, a swimming pool, a playable accordion, and a robot that produces 3D shapes out of thin air. The bugs play inside of each environment doing funny things like shooting out of cannon or jumping off a diving board.

App Analysis

ChuggaBugga creates excitement by showing a train with a drab exterior which transforms into exciting 3D environments to explore. The graphics are intriguing. But, the navigation can be a little unclear and the app doesn't have much depth. Even so, this is a whimsical train ride worth checking out.

A Daddy and Daughter Collaboration

The idea for the app came from a father who brainstormed with his daughter while waiting in his car for a long train to pass. A silly game of "what could be hiding in the boxcars?" turned into this app where shooting charming bugs out of a cannon are likely to produce belly laughs in your children.

Best For

ChuggaBugga is great fun for kids who are into trains and all things that go "Vrroommm."

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Released: 3/22/2013
Company: Ardor Entertainment Inc
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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