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Green Radventures: Book 1 HD

Green Radventures: Book 1 HD



Eco-friendly book app teaches about environmental issues with song and adventure.
The Bottom Line
This book app does a good job of presenting environmental issues in a non-preachy manner.

Adventure at Local Dump

The first in a series of two apps, this book app tells a story about a little kid named Nico and his eco-conscious babysitter Hannah. Hannah takes Nico on a trip to "the mountains," but instead of heading into the wilds of nature, they travel to "the mountains" that loom inside the local dump.

Environmental Story

As Hannah explains things to Nico, readers likewise learn the importance of recycling and "reusing" items. The Green Minstrel narrates the story (and occasionally sings) as the words highlight on the page.

App Analysis

The app has animations but very few interactions. However, a powerful environmental message comes through in a way that seems natural instead of preachy.

Best For

Green Radventures: Book 1 HD is a great read for eco-friendly kids.

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Green Radventures: Book 1 HD
Released: 7/11/2012
Company: Snowball, LLC
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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