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Over in the Jungle

Over in the Jungle



Delightful rhyming story or song presented as an interactive book about jungle animals.
The Bottom Line
Vibrant science and counting app about jungle animals works well for a wide range of kids.

An Interactive Science and Counting Book

Presented as either a rhyming story or a song, Over in the Jungle introduces kids to 10 animals. Shown as a book app, each two-page spread shows a mother and her young. The app starts out with a mother marmoset and her one baby. Kids help the mommy marmoset teach her baby to swing by using their finger to swipe across the little monkey dangling from a vine. The next page introduces a mother Morpho butterfly and her two babies. Players help the little Morphos learn to flit by tapping on them to make them fly around the screen. The story progresses with each subsequent animal having one more baby then the animal before it; so by the end, kids are hunting for 10 howler monkeys to make them hoot.

Additional Facts Found at the End

After kids finish the interactive rhyming story, they play a hidden-objects game to find all 55 baby animals hiding in a lush tropical rainforest. Following this game, the book app presents additional pages filled with real facts and photos of the animals featured in the rhyming story/song.

App Analysis

Over in the Jungle stands out for its vibrant illustrations made from polymer clay. This learning app appeals to little kids because they get to help mommy animals teach their babies. It makes counting fun. The app adds extra learning at the end of the interactive story, so that kids can learn more about the animals they just played with.

Best For

This science book app will appeal to preschoolers learning to count, but it is also fun for early elementary schoolers because it presents factual information about animals found in the jungle.

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Over in the Jungle
Released: 3/13/2013
Company: Dawn Publications
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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