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In this fun simulation game, kids open their own dinosaur zoo and operate it to earn money.
The Bottom Line
A fabulous dinosaur zoo simulation where kids play with dinos while also learning how to run a zoo as a business. Don't miss this one!

A Dinosaur Zoo Sim

In this simulation game, kids get to open their own dinosaur zoo. Players start the game with just the right amount of money to buy one dinosaur. Housed in a diorama-type display, the cartoony dinosaur appears fully animated to wow your park visitors. With your new dinosaur in place, your park opens and tourists flock into your park. Since patrons -- all kids -- pay to enter, money also starts rolling in.

How to Play

As the owner of this expanding park, you must feed the dinosaurs and keep their enclosures clean. You'll attract more patrons to your park if you sprinkle tourist attractions between the dinosaur displays. While everything you add to your park costs you money, you'll quickly discover that visitors love to take commemorative photos, and will gobble up popcorn and buy balloons if you place those stands in your park. Bathrooms and, of course, more dinosaurs are also a good idea -- but you'll have to save to add more items.

Interact with Your Patrons

While waiting to get flush with money, kids can interact with their patrons by watching the thought bubbles that appear over their heads. One might show you an image of a favorite dinosaur. By touching that tourist, you can pick him up and move him to his desired dinosaur's display. If he is pleased, he will drop a sticker for you to collect. These earned stickers are a separate currency in the game -- one that unlocks more items for you to purchase to place in your park.

What Makes It Good?

While Dinorama is a hoot for dino-loving kids, it is also a great simulation game for all children. This app does a fabulous job of teaching kids about money and time management. It even introduces a bank where kids can earn interest.

The key to a good simulation game is that it progresses at just the right speed so that players have plenty to do without being overwhelmed. Dinorama expertly arrives at just that right balance. It offers kids quests that teach them about money and budgeting while also constantly introducing new things to keep playing in the dino park fresh and exciting.

Paid Not Free and Worth It!

Unlike a lot of the free zoo apps, which rope you in with the promise of "free" but then gouge your pocketbook with expensive in-app purchases, Dinorama charges you a reasonable price upfront ($4.99) for all of this game's content. Parents don't have to worry about kids wanting to buy more content -- it's all there, waiting to be unlocked by playing this fun game.

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Released: 4/24/2013
Company: thesixtyone, Inc.
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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