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Touch and Learn - Emotions

Touch and Learn - Emotions



This free app offers photos of people expressing emotions so that kids can practice deciphering body language and expressions.
The Bottom Line
This free app offers great practice in identifying emotions on people's faces and it can be customized to make it personal to your child.

Who Is This App For?

This is a great free app to use with kids who need practice deciphering emotions.

How to Play

Kids play by looking at four photos and then touching the photo of a person showing a specific emotion. You can customize the app by selecting which emotions are shown, adding your own photos and determining whether the requested emotion is spoken as well as displayed in writing.

App Analysis

Touch and Learn - Emotions is a good app to explore when you want to teach kids about emotions. The photos of people show clear emotional responses. The people used in the photographs represent different ages and races. And the app comes with a nice set of options so that families can customize their experience.


Parents can choose which of the over 30 emotions are shown, can add their own photos to the collection, and decide whether there is an error sound if kids select the incorrect photo. The app also allows parents or others to record their voices for praise.

Best For

Touch and Learn - Emotions is an easy choice -- its free -- for families wanting to practice identifying emotions.

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Touch and Learn - Emotions
Released: 3/17/2012
Company: Innovative Mobile Apps
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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