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Leah & The Owl

Leah & The Owl



A magical story about the imaginative adventures of a little girl and her friend The Owl as they travel world at night.
The Bottom Line
This is an extraordinary app to explore at bedtime. It is one of our favorites!

What's the Story?

Narrated by a little girl and her mother, this book app tells the story of toddler Leah who loves to read but doesn't like to take a bath at bedtime. As kids follow her through her bedtime routine, they participate by tapping on the gold stars to activate whimsical animations on each page. Kids will find a missing Teddy Bear under the bed and a cute mouse hiding under a book.

Fly With A Magical Owl

When Leah is finally tucked into bed with the lights out, something wonderful happens. A magical owl arrives to fly her through the night to frolic with the dolphins in the ocean, jump on alligators in a swamp, slide on an elephant's trunk, march with penguins on a glacier, and play with lions on the Savannah. When Leah starts to fall asleep curled up next to the lion cubs, her friend the owl flies her back to her own bed.

A Perfect Bedtime App

We are always looking for bedtime stories that create wonder. Leah & The Owl does that!

Interactions That Don't Distract From the Story

The interactions on each page -- cleverly identified with a tiny yellow star -- thoughtfully enhance the story. For example, when Leah is playing with the elephant, tapping on her sends her sliding down the pachyderm's trunk. And when she visits each new animal, the animal identifies what it is when touched.

The narration by a little child and a gentle-voiced woman makes the story feel real. And the illustrations -- lovely watercolors -- are wonderful to view. This is an extraordinary book app!

Best For

Leah & The Owl is a special story to read to calm little ones before bed.

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Leah & The Owl
Released: 8/7/2012
Company: Playtend Apps LLP
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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