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Good Night

Good Night


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A little bear rides his scooter around his neighborhood to tell his friends goodnight, and in the process, practices counting the snoozing animals.
The Bottom Line
A cute going-to-bed book app.

What's the Story?

Preschoolers join baby bear Paul as he scooters around his forest neighborhood to say goodnight to all of his animal friends.

App Analysis

What makes this app so much fun is that your child gets to help Paul find all the hidden animals. Teaching your child how to count from one to ten, the little bear starts by finding one little mouse hiding under a leaf, and eventually finishes with discovering 10 owlets nesting in a tree.
Accompanied by gentle music, the story ends with a tired baby bear falling into his mother's arms to go to sleep. Families get both a sweet bedtime story and an app that teaches children how to count.

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Good Night
Company: B. & J. Mobmann
Price: FREE - 0.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store