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IDEOko Balloonimals

IDEOko Balloonimals


1.99 - 2.99

Young kids help to create balloon animals and then get to play with them by tapping. The adorable balloonimals reward kids' touches with hilarious animations.
The Bottom Line
This is a great app for toddlers who enjoy being surprised. You never know what animal you will create until it is done.

How Does Your Toddler Play This App?

Toddlers and preschoolers love balloon animals, and now they can find them on your idevice. With this simple app, kids choose a colored balloon, swipe sideways to blow it up, and then tickle the screen to form it into an animal.

Easy to Play

Once created, kids tap the balloonimal to play with it. Most have two or three separate animations. The kangaroo reveals a baby joey in her pocket. The T-Rex roars, while the crab dances sideways.
Kids can make 10 animals, including a fish, a lion, a kangaroo, snails, and a dinosaur. There is even a way to take silly photos of the animals and have them saved to your device's camera roll. When you want to blow up a new balloonimal, you pop the current one by touching the button in the top right corner.

What Makes It Good?

Balloonimals is a delightful flight of fancy. Young kids don't have the manual dextexity to make balloon animals, but with this app, they do. And the concept of making the balloon animals seem to come alive is charming and inspired.


Toddlers who enjoy tickling. This is their opportunity to tickle a balloon into life.

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IDEOko Balloonimals
Released: 12/17/2013
Company: IDEO
Price: 1.99 - 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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