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Uncolor for iPad (or iPhone)

Uncolor for iPad (or iPhone)



This great first app for toddlers encourages little fingers to swipe the screen to find the animals hiding underneath.
The Bottom Line
This is an excellent app to teach cause-and-effect because when your toddler touches the screen, something fun happens. A perfect "starter app."

How Does Your Toddler Play This App?

This app comes in two versions: one for the iPad and another for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In both, toddlers see a bumpy dark gray screen. By showing them how to move their finger over the surface to find hidden animals, kids will discover that they can make things change on the screen by touching it.

The Gameplay

When they swipe enough times to "uncolor" the gray surface, their efforts are rewarded with a cute, simple animation. For the koala bear, they will watch as a baby koala peeks out from behind her mom. A single giraffe will be joined by another (accompanied by hearts floating overhead), and the owl scene changes to night. There are 10 animated scenes to "uncolor."

Meant to Be Played With Your Toddler

Uncolor is an app meant to be played by a toddler with a parent's help. It provides a springboard for discussion and, hopefully, giggling. For example, when the owl is uncovered, the scene changes to night so that you can hear the owl hoot. This would be a perfect time to discuss nocturnal animals and to mention that an owl can see in the dark.

Make It a Game

Parents can also introduce this app as a guessing game. By asking your toddler what is hiding under the gray screen, you can repeat the question as the animal is slowly revealed. This is an excellent way to teach children to observe the parts of the animal as they are slowly revealed.

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Uncolor for iPad (or iPhone)
Released: 5/3/2012
Company: ChristyBrantCo
Price: 0.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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