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Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts

Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts



This interactive virtual space also offers you video chat, so that you can draw, collaborate, and talk with others online as you create things together.
The Bottom Line
Fabulous way to create with others in a shared virtual space. It is like having a whiteboard within your video chat.

What Is It?

Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts is a virtual play space where friends and families can meet over the internet to hangout together and create art projects, play games, work on homework, and collaborate. The app creates a whiteboard-like experience by providing a drawing space where everyone can participate simultaneously. It's an ingenious idea that works well.

How to Use It

To activate the Scoot & Doodle's cooperative play space, you go to Scoot & Doodle and click on the G+ Hangout button. Google+ will ask you to install a free plugin that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once the Google+ app is installed on your computer, you enter a Google+ hangout -- a place to video chat with others you know. From there, you click "Start" on the Scoot & Doodle welcome screen, and once in the collaborative play space, you can invite up to nine others to hang with you.

An Interactive Virtual Playspace

When you enter the hangout, if you and your invited attendees have video cameras, you can see each other hanging with you across the bottom of the screen. But, you don't have to have a video camera to participate. If your computer has a microphone, the hangout can also use your computer's microphone to let you talk to each other. If you have neither, you can still draw.

Video Chat With a Group

While seeing and talking to each other is fun; the heart of this experience is the large doodle-space that fills the screen. Alongside of the doodling space is a palette of colors and choices of up to five brush sizes. There are also talk bubbles and three sets of free fun stamps to use (and another three sets that cost $.99/each). There are also stickers you can design yourself as well as scenes and design prompts. Hangout participants can use the space for doodling, creating something together, or playing a visual game. Other uses include solving visual problems or designing things. This space is also great for working on collaborative school projects or homework. All work can be saved to your Scoot & Doodle scrapbook and then shared over various social networks.

Why It is Good

I invited friends to join me to help me decorate my virtual Christmas tree, and lo and behold, presents arrived under the tree. Families might try creating things together, by either simultaneously drawing or taking turns. Also fun is Tic-Tac-Toe, Pictionary, and other drawing games. Families can even create stories or cartoons by using the talk bubbles.

Scoot & Doodle is a revolutionary digital tool to help remote family members share drawing experiences with loved ones. Once you set it up, it is intuitive to use, and creates a fun place for families to exercise their imaginations together.

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Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts
Company: Scoot & Doodle
Price: FREE
Platforms: Mac

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