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Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land



A compilation of hilarious mini-games for families or groups to explore on the Wii U.
The Bottom Line
Best For: Families who love game nights.

What Is This Game?

Nintendo Land is the best game of the Wii U launch titles because it provides so many fun ways for groups to play together. Families can play a chase game featuring Mario and the gang where one player uses the GamePad to control Mario, and everyone chases him throughout a maze. The chasers have to talk to each other since each sees only a limited part of the maze. My family and Thanksgiving guests checked out numerous Wii U games, but Nintendo Land produced the most laughter, and it was the game we couldn't stop playing.

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Nintendo Land
Released: 11/18/2012
Company: Nintendo
Price: 59.99
Platforms: Wii U
Available: Amazon