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Plants vs. Zombies HD

Plants vs. Zombies HD


0.99 - 6.99

Fab tower defense game where kids fend off the undead by planting hilarious zombie-killing plants.
The Bottom Line
Play this version of Plants vs Zombies instead of the newer Plants vs Zombies 2 because it is a better, self-contained game. Don't miss this one!

Conquer the Undead With Flower Power

This hilarious strategy game pits players and their army of warrior plants against hordes of silly zombies, who aren't the least bit scary.

It Takes Brain not Brawn to Wipe Out the Undead

In this tower defense game, you fend off the undead by planting zombie-killing plants in your front yard. The 26 kinds of zombies are more amusing than frightening as they pole-vault into your lawn. But it's the plants who steal the show because they are clever and silly. With 49 powerful plants at your disposal, such as Cherry Bombs, Wall-Nuts, and Potato Bombs, players have fun exploring when and where to plant their army of fighting perennials.

Great Strategy Game

The key to winning each puzzle is to figure out what kind of plants you need before taking on the undead and then strategically planting them in the rows where the zombies are lurching forward. Some, like the pea plant, send projectiles; whereas others, such as the cherry plant, releases "cherry bombs."
Plants vs Zombies HD is loved by adults and kids alike, so that it wasn't developed to be sold in the "Kids Category." As a consequence, it does offer in-app purchases and presents a few ads for other PopCap games.

Best For

This award-winning strategy game is great even for kids who think they don't like zombies because it's so hilarious to explore. Fighting the undead has never been so much fun! This is one of our absolute favorite strategy games.

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Plants vs. Zombies HD
Released: 9/6/2012
Company: PopCap
Price: 0.99 - 6.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Kindle Fire
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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