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Mask Jumble Halloween

Mask Jumble Halloween



Kids put masks on their faces using the camera with this clever Halloween app. And its FREE!
The Bottom Line
This is one of our favorite Halloween apps! Its use of augmented reality to create virtual masks is brilliant.

How This App Works

One of the cleverest Halloween apps, Mask Jumble Halloween turns on the front-facing camera to project an image of the child on the screen, as if he or she were looking into a mirror. Then the fun begins! When your child touches parts of her face on the screen -- such as her virtual nose, chin, ears, and forehead -- parts of a mask appear, layered on top of the video image of your child. This way kids can become a witch, a clown, Purple-Beard the pirate, Frankenstein, an alien, and many other fun characters.

16 Halloween Masks to Unlock

The app offers 16 Halloween masks which slowly unlock as you feed yourself virtual candy by having it float down the screen. Using the video camera to make this magic work, the mask stays with you as you move so that you can align your mouth with the falling candy to snap it up. Yum!

Why This App is SpookAPPular!

Kids can have fun combining different parts of different masks -- say, Frankenstein's forehead with the witch's pointy chin. But the app also has a mini-game about finding all the parts for a specific mask, a matching task that uses kids' visual acuity.
Mask Jumble Halloween rewards kids when they combine all of the parts of a mask at one time by offering the option to take a photo of your child dressed up in a completed mask. This photo can be saved to your camera roll, so that you can then share it. Parents can turn this option off by going to the Setting button of the device and scrolling down to Mask Jumble Halloween to control the setting within the app. Also fun is the ability to print out mask outlines for coloring away from your idevice.

Best For

Mask Jumble Halloween creates a fabulous way to have dress-up fun. This is the perfect app to help children decide what they want to be for this Halloween.

This updated Mask Jumble Halloween app review is written by Jinny Gudmundsen. Our original review was published on October 26, 2012.

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Mask Jumble Halloween
Released: 9/16/2013
Company: Piikea St. LLC
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store