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Kids create their own band by dragging quirky musicians on stage and then experiment with orchestration by moving them around to different positions.
The Bottom Line
Outstanding music app that encourages kids to experiment with orchestration.

What Does This App Do?

Kids can rock out and explore music creation with this adorable app from Toca Boca. They rotate 16 funky musicians onto a eight-position stage to hear them harmonize. Each player provides a different part to an overall song; so that no matter what combination of players you select, it always sounds delightfully blended.

What Makes it Good?

Several things contribute to make this music app so good. First, these animated characters are wacky and funny. One looks like a pickle who plays percussion by chattering his teeth. My favorite is the little rapper dude, who looks like a blue ball wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat.
Second, kids can "play" each character by placing them in the spotlight to let them have a solo. Kids can experiment with touching each character to make it reach its full musical potential, while the rest of the gang accompanies the solo. Finally, where you place the musicians on the stage affects the intensity of how they play.


While there is only one song, it is a great one that will have you and your kids humming it long after you have closed your device. This app is a music-creating masterpiece.

Best For

Toca Band is so inviting that all kids will be interested in experimenting with music by using this app.

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Toca Band
Released: 9/10/2013
Company: Toca Boca AB
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store