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Bo's Bedtime Story

Bo's Bedtime Story



This book app, starring a charming baby giraffe, engages preschoolers in a going-to-bed routine.
The Bottom Line
Add this app to your bedtime routine because it is a delightful story with lots of interactive moments. You might find your preschooler more willing to follow a bedtime routine!

The Setup

By helping a baby giraffe, known as Bo, get ready for bed, kids start to see that there are certain things to do before going to bed.

How to Explore

Helping Bo takes the form of playing 10 different games in which preschoolers use sorting, color recognition, matching, counting, and listening skills. The first game involves cleaning up Bo's toys. Players drag and sort the toys, based on type. Next they help Bo put his dirty clothes in the hamper and his boots on the shelf. The other games relate to taking a bath, washing Bo's hair, drying him off, brushing his teeth, putting on pajamas, finding his favorite stuffed bear, reading a bedtime story, and getting kisses so he can go to sleep.

Cute Games Within the Book App

The pajama game is a favorite because once kids find and match the tops and bottoms to six different pairs of PJs, they can select the color for Bo to wear. For goodnight kisses, kids swipe their fingers over strings holding the kisses to the ceiling, as in "Cut the Rope."

App Analysis

Presented with charming graphics, a pleasant sound track, and an inviting narrator, this app is perfect to explore while cuddled up on your child's bed. Bo is a great going-to-bed buddy.

Best For

Bo's Bedtime Story is a perfect read right before bed. It may help your child understand the importance of establishing an end-of-the-day routine.

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Bo's Bedtime Story
Released: 3/30/2012
Company: Heppi
Price: 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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