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Word Mess

Word Mess



This app hooks kids by giving them a pile of words displayed all helter-skelter on the screen -- in other words as a "mess" -- and then tasks them to find words that fit a specific rule.
The Bottom Line
This word game challenges kids to find words in a crowded screen of words and to think about other words that are similar.

Three Games in One

Offering three word games in one, this app hooks kids by giving them a pile of words to play with. Displayed all helter-skelter on the screen -- in other words as a "mess" -- kids go looking for words that fit a specific rule. In one game, they find words that rhyme with the target word. In another, they hunt for words that relate to a subject such as "fish." You win points for finding words like barracuda, bass, and grouper. In the last game, you must find duplicates of the target word. This isn't as easy as it sounds since the words are in different colors of ink and displayed in different directions. Kids earn points in each game for finding words quickly.

Two Modes of Play

Kids can play each game individually; or choose to let the app present them in a challenge mode. The challenge mode keeps presenting games until you can't find all of the targeted words in the time given.

Non-intimidating Word Game

Unlike crosswords puzzles or word games like Scrabble, this game is so easy to play that kids won't feel intimidated by this word game. A parent and young child could even play this app cooperatively together. It offers a clean interface so that the jumble of words don't feel overwhelming.

Best For

Kids who like words and enjoy thinking about definitions. But this is also a word game to introduce to kids who aren't "wordsmiths" because they can start with finding a word multiple times before moving to the game where they have to find other words that fit a category.

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Word Mess
Released: 3/11/2012
Company: Masala Games
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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