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The Witch With No Name HD

The Witch With No Name HD


3.49 - 3.99

A highly interactive story about a witch who has forgotten her name.
The Bottom Line
This is a magical romp, full of witchy fun.


This book app opens with an interactive animated movie showing an annoyed witch turning people into funny-looking animals. The witch, who has lost her name, doesn't like hearing the nicknames her neighbors are using to greet her. When the witch's pet bat points out that having no name is causing her to be unnecessarily ornery, the Witch With No Name decides to create a potion to reveal her lost name.

Kids Help The Witch

With the little bat's guidance, kids help the witch to gather the necessary potion ingredients, including a giant's nose hair, an elf's smelly sock, firefly juice and a concert of farts. To find each ingredient, the witch and bat travel to fascinating places. For example, to gather the nose hair of a giant, the witch flies to his home, but doesn't realize that she has found him because he looks like an ecosystem. Plants and animals are growing out of his socks and his beard.

Mini-games Sprinkled Throughout

At each location, kids find the ingredients for the witch by playing mini-games. These games can be played on three levels of difficulty. For the giant's nose hair, you must time the throwing of sneezing powder into the giant's snoring mouth, which is opening and closing in rhythm. When you get enough sneezing powder into his mouth, he will sneeze out the nose hair. This activity is delightfully gross.

Why This Book Is Good

Throughout this book app's 25 pages, kids will experience top-quality animation and amazing bits of interactivity by touching the glowing objects on a page. The story can be read aloud by professional voice talent in English or French, accompanied by a unique musical score; or kids can read it by themselves.
This engaging story about a goofy witch and her wise pet bat contains the right blend of disgusting magic and silliness. And the story ends with a charming twist that requires your child to use the iPad's microphone to name the witch. Then, with an impressive use of technology, the app magically turns your child's voice into the varied voices of the characters in the book, all saying the name your child created for the witch. This is a magical romp, full of witchy fun.

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The Witch With No Name HD
Company: SlimCricket
Price: 3.49 - 3.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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