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Lazoo: Let's Color!

Lazoo: Let's Color!



This is a new kind of coloring app where kids add to existing pictures and then hit a "Go" button to make their drawing animate.
The Bottom Line
Magical drawing fun that animates what kids draw. Don't miss this free app -- it is special.

How to Play

This drawing app provides 18 different scenes into which kids can add their own creativity. Each scene prompts kids to draw something related to the scene. When kids add their own artwork and then hit the prominent "Go" button, their artwork animates. It is magical. To kids, it seems as if their paintings have come alive. A favorite scene shows a monster, and kids are asked to draw what is coming out of its mouth.

App Analysis

This app is so much fun, that it is hard to believe it's free. By providing drawing prompts, the app offers a supportive environment for kids who are hesitant to draw. And when things animate, it is as if the ink is enchanted.

In addition to drawing, kids can also watch an animated video about three friends, using their creativity to go on an adventure. This video encourages kids to use their own imagination.
For those wanting more scenes, 16 additional pages are available as an in-app purchase for $1.99. We love that parents have the option of hiding the in-app purchase from their kids by controlling that option in the Parental Zone.

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Lazoo: Let's Color!
Company: Lazoo Worldwide, Inc
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store