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Road-Trip-Bingo HD

Road-Trip-Bingo HD



Help make the miles fly by with this digital version of the old sticker game about looking out of the window to find things to fill up a Bingo card. This travel app is playable by one or two players.
The Bottom Line
Download this fun travel app before heading out for your next road trip or train ride.

How to Play This Road Trip App

For car, bus, or train rides, Road-Trip-Bingo HD will encourage your kids to watch out the window to observe their surroundings. Played on a traditional bingo board, this version replaces numbers with over 40 hand-drawn travel items. The bingo cards contain signs, animals, vehicles, and other roadside attractions. Kids tap an image on the card when they see it outside; and the first to get bingo wins.

Why This App is a Must for Traveling Kids

There are lots of travel bingo apps, but this iPad version races ahead of the others by offering a two-bingo-boards mode so two players can compete. Players huddle around the same iPad by sitting either side-by-side or across from each other.
Also good is the way the items have been hand drawn in such a way as to make it easy for even young kids to understand how to play. For example, there are a variety of colored cars on the Bingo boards. The keen observer quickly understands that identifying the color of the vehicle is important. There is no voice-over.
Road-Trip-Bingo HD boasts of thousands of cards, so kids will always have new games to play. And the game features a classical music soundtrack that is pleasing to all.

Best For

Road-Trip-Bingo HD, the version for the iPad, is great for families that like to play games together while traveling. The iPhone/iPod Touch version called Road-Trip-Bingo is equally as good, but it is minus the two-player mode.

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Road-Trip-Bingo HD
Released: 6/24/2010
Company: Bright Bunny
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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