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Auditorium: The Online Experience

Auditorium: The Online Experience


6.99 - 9.99

This award-winning puzzle game combines light and music in a magical way.
The Bottom Line
Magical and soothing puzzles about manipulating light so as to create music.

What Is This Game?

Winner of several indie game awards, this puzzle combines light and music in a magical way. Each puzzle starts with the flow of light particles coming into a black screen. You are provided with moveable tools that help you direct the flow to sound containers. When the light particles hit the sound containers, music begins. Filling the containers solves the puzzle and produces a symphony of sound that is wondrous to experience.

Puzzles Combine Light and Music

The puzzles get progressively harder with the addition of more complex tools to manipulate the "flow," sound containers that will only accept "flow" that has gone through color changes and the introduction of obstacles. Experimentation is the key to solving these puzzles that reward both your eyes and ears. You can try a free demo before buying at www.playauditorium.com.

iPhone Version Isn't as Good

Note: There is a short free iPhone version, published by Electronic Arts, which just doesn't do this puzzle game justice. Part of its appeal is the combination of visual and auditory rewards, which don't have the same impact on the small screen of the iPhone. When you expand the iPhone version on an iPad, the experience gets fuzzy. Plus, you must pay to unlock further iPhone content. The computer game version is the way to go -- it's worth the $10. There is also a version for the PS3 and PSP which we have not played.

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Auditorium: The Online Experience
Company: Cipher Prime Studios
Price: 6.99 - 9.99
Platforms: iPhone
PlayStation 3

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