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Blueprint 3D HD

Blueprint 3D HD


0.99 - 1.99

This collection of over 300 levels presents the player with a mass of seemingly unconnected dots and lines to rotate until you start to see order out of the chaos.
The Bottom Line
Shining brightly for its uniqueness, Blueprint 3D dazzles you with puzzles about finding order out of chaos.

A Special Puzzle App

In the crowded market of puzzle apps, many of which are knock-offs or copycats, Blueprint 3D HD shines brightly for its uniqueness. Each puzzle in this brilliant collection of over 300 levels presents the viewer with a mass of seemingly unconnected dots and lines, set in different planes in this 3D space. By rotating the jumbled mass, you start to observe that some of the lines seem to connect and that the dots can be turned in just the right way so that they line up. Before you know it, you "see" order in the chaos as a blueprint of something recognizable emerges.

Play Creates an Aha Moment

When you align all of the planes to hit the "sweet spot," the random squiggles might magically line up to be the Eiffel Tower or the Statute of Liberty. Solving a puzzle always creates an "aha!" moment.

The Puzzles are Grouped By Themes

These picture-creating puzzles are grouped into 11 themes, including such topics as Architecture, High Tech, Medieval, Electronics, Space, Military, Transport, Christmas and our favorite: Animals. A pleasing musical score accompanies each themed set of puzzles. Players can explore the puzzles at three levels of difficulty.

App Analysis

By bringing order out of chaos, kids feel a great sense of accomplishment for each puzzle completed. This app stretches kids' thinking and challenges them to use their visual acuity. Expect a lot of fist bumping after kids "see" the solution.

Also special is the ability to create and share your own levels. Players can take a photo of an item and then create their own blueprint puzzle.

Note to Parents: This app has not been created to be child-friendly so that kids will be exposed to live social media links and an ad for other games by the same developer. When players create their own puzzles, they can to share it via email, Twitter, or Facebook (but the recipient needs to own the app to check out the level.)

Best For

Since many of these puzzles start out seeming impossible, this collection is best enjoyed by kids who get excited by challenging puzzles. We love how this app demonstrates that sticking with something produces a positive result.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Blueprint 3D HD
Released: 10/18/2012
Company: FDG Entertainment
Price: 0.99 - 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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