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Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World



Stunning 3D dinosaur encyclopedia showing 60 photorealistic dinosaurs.
The Bottom Line
The most exciting dinosaur encylopedia in iTunes!

What Is This App?

The most exciting dinosaur app for the iPad, Walking with Dinosaurs delivers a magical learning experience. Each of the 60 dinosaurs can be viewed up close, in scale-revealing detail. Kids can also watch the dinosaurs move in 3D animation, fully rotate 3D images and hear the dinosaurs make sounds.

Why This Dinosaur App Is so Good!

There are other dinosaur encyclopedias in the app stores, but actor Stephen Fry's outstanding narration delivered in his excitingly droll voice draws you in. With great navigation (you can enter via an interactive timeline, an index or grouping buttons on the bottom of the screen), this app is hard to put down.

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Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World
Released: 2/13/2012
Company: M5859 Studios Pty Ltd
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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