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March of the Dinosaurs

March of the Dinosaurs



Meet Scar, an Edmontosaurus, and Patch, a juvenile Troodon, in a 65-page book app that tells the story of their survival over the first year of their lives.
The Bottom Line
By combining a compelling story about young dinosaurs with top-notch animation, this is a must-read for dino-lovers!


This book app combines an interesting story about two young dinosaurs with animation, narration from actor Kerry Shale, rich illustrations and ten 3D animated dinosaurs that are fully rotatable and come with fact files.

The Story

Over 65 pages, presented in chapters, you follow the lives of two young dinosaurs: Scar, an Edmontosaurus who must survive his first 1000-mile migration from the cold arctic to warmer lands of the south; and Patch, a juvenile Troodon who must live through his first arctic winter.

Engaging Dino Learning!

By listening and reading this engaging story, kids learn dino facts. The animation, from the team that created National Geographic's "Escape of the Dinosaurs," is amazing to see.

Best For

March of the Dinosaurs is a great addition to an apps library belonging to a dinosaur-loving kid.

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March of the Dinosaurs
Released: 9/19/2011
Company: Touch Press
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store