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Dino Discovery!

Dino Discovery!



Kids use logic to dig through a grid of dirt to find buried dinosaur bones.
The Bottom Line
A fun digging for dinosaur game, but lacks narration.


In this digging-up-dinosaur-bones game, kids travel the world in search of fossils.

How to Play

They dig by selecting one square at a time from an underground grid. They can only choose to dig in a contiguous square, but will be able to see fossils buried farther out. Rocks can block your way, so you will need to use logic to design a path to retrieve fossils. After finding a big fossil, you must use your fingers to swipe away the dirt; and then put together the skeleton by moving bones onto an outlined frame. When complete, the skeleton morphs into a fully skinned dinosaur and the app provides interesting facts about that specific dinosaur.

App Analysis

Although it is without narration, this app does a great job of creating fun games that help kids learn about dinosaurs.

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Dino Discovery!
Released: 2/3/2012
Company: Robot Super Brain
Price: 0.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store