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Munch Time HD

Munch Time HD


0.99 - 1.99

63 puzzles of lizard-swinging fun as you direct Munch to eat bugs and flowers.
The Bottom Line
Great physics puzzler where you use a lizard's tongue to swing him to hard-to-reach places.

Physics Puzzler

Reminiscent of "Cut the Rope," Munch Time HD is a physics puzzler where you control the adorable chameleon Munch on his quest to find lunch.

How to Play

The key play mechanic is the chameleon's tongue which can latch onto colored flowers like a grappling hook. By swinging from his tongue, Munch can move around his environment to find a specific bug to eat, thereby ending the level.
Before feeding Munch the desired bug, you will need to collect 3 stars floating in the environment. However, Munch can only stick to flowers that are the same color as his skin. To change colors, you must figure out ways to swing Munch so that he runs into fluttering colored bugs.

Why This App is Fun

With 63 puzzles spread over three worlds, Munch Time HD delivers a lot of lizard-swinging fun.

Best For

Munch Time HD is a great game for all kids to explore. It falls within the genre of physics puzzlers where the object is to collect 3 stars on each level.

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Munch Time HD
Released: 2/23/2012
Company: Gamistry
Price: 0.99 - 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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