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Hogworld: Gnarts Adventure

Hogworld: Gnarts Adventure


2.99 - 5.00

A book app that looks like a movie and is filled with games!
The Bottom Line
By combining an interactive book app with video storytelling and games, this is one of the most sophisticated yet accessible book apps.

Magical Interactive Book

Combining an animated movie-like experience with interactive book app elements, kids listen, play, and watch as this magical story about a brave little hog-bunny named Gnart unfolds.

The Story

Gnart has a tusk-ache, and he needs to travel quickly across the woods to the dentist so that he can make it back to his friend's surprise birthday party. The trip across the dark wood seems a little scary to Gnart, but his friend Bibi the bee goes with him. It turns out to be filled with adventure, including falling down a well, riding a mine cart and swimming across a bog on the back of a frog.

App Analysis

With stunning 3D visuals, a varied soundtrack, great voice acting and interactions that are seamlessly incorporated into the story, kids will be transported into another world. It is one of the most sophisticated yet accessible book apps published so far.

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Hogworld: Gnarts Adventure
Released: 12/5/2011
Company: Snow Castle
Price: 2.99 - 5.00
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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