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Science360 for iPad

Science360 for iPad



Spectacular images will draw kids into investigating science through this free app.
The Bottom Line
Kids can't help but be mesmerized by science with this free app that gives them a window into cutting-edge science projects.

Free App from the National Science Foundation

Developed by the National Science Foundation, this free app provides a cornucopia of information about cutting-edge science.

What Makes it Good?

Featuring a collage of fascinating photos, the app allows budding scientists to simply touch an image to learn about a topic or ongoing research in a field. Many images lead to videos, such as one called "Science of NFL Football," where kids can learn about Newton's third law of motion (the "Law of Action-Reaction") by watching videos of football tackles. Others provide text explanations of weird-looking photographs including "Atomic Array of Nanodots" and "Gecko Feet."
The complexity of explanations varies greatly, but these images are so compelling that they will entice even reluctant learners. Also good is the news feed which puts breaking news at your fingertips.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Science360 for iPad
Released: 6/8/2011
Company: National Science Foundation
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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