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Numbers League

Numbers League



POW! WHAM! BANG! Kids use their superpower of doing math to defeat comic bad guys.
The Bottom Line
Numbers League brilliantly creates a way for kids to use math to save a comic book world.

Kids Become Heroes

Kids join a crime-fighting team called the Numbers League to stop villains who are wreaking havoc on the streets of Infinity City. Presented with comic-book style graphics, this game lets kids use math to defeat the bad guys. It does a masterful job of giving kids a reason to practice math facts.

How To Play This App

In this turn-based game, kids earn a series of heroes to deploy against the baddies. Each villain has a weakness to a specific number. Players capture the bad guys by deploying the right combination of numbered heroes and crime-fighting devices which, when combined, equal the baddie's vulnerable number. Heroes are generated in a slot machine-like device where three body parts spin into place, each with a different numerical value. By adding up the body parts, kids determine the power of their hero.

When selecting a villain to defeat, kids must choose one who is equal to the value of their selected hero or heroes. At times, you can add more power to a hero by deploying a crime-fighting device. If kids perform the math correctly, they will defeat the selected villain, and their victory appears plastered across a headline in a newspaper.

Why This Learing App is Good

Kids love defeating the bad guys, and this time their weapons aren't brawn, but rather brains. Up to four players can play at a time on the same iPad, or kids can play by themselves or against robots that vary in skill level.
The game offers different levels of math challenge, ranging from simple addition to multiplying to negative numbers. Numbers League has educational depth and does a masterful job of giving kids a reason to practice math facts. Don't miss this brilliant and fun math app!

Best For

Numbers League will appeal to both girls and boys. Its comic-book graphic style and empowering superhero theme may be just the lure you need to entice math-reluctant kids to play.

This Numbers League app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Numbers League
Released: 4/28/2014
Company: Bent Castle Software
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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