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The Magic School Bus: Oceans

The Magic School Bus: Oceans



Kids will "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy" as they go scuba diving with The Friz.
The Bottom Line
A great way to explore the ocean and the animals that live there.

Join The Friz!

Ms Frizzle is back -- this time she is found on the iPad, taking her class into the ocean. Based on Joanna Cole's The Magic School Bus: On the Ocean Floor book, this app adds videos and games into the book's story.

A Field Trip Into the Ocean

As usual, Ms Frizzle's school bus magically transforms -- this time into a submarine, so that it can dive right into the ocean. Kids join Ms. Frizzle's students on their underwater adventure as The Friz takes the kids up close to marine plants and animals.

Why This App is Good

The app offers 11 real life videos and over 25 photos as kids learn about whales, squid, starfish, flounder, dolphins, sharks and more. Plus there are eight interactive games. In one, kids will help a creature to swim by doing special hand motions on the iPad's screen. For a squid, you will need to pinch the screen to imitate the squid's jet propulsion. In another activity, kids can look at plankton by moving slides under a microscope.
Since the words of the story highlight on the page as they are read by over 20 individual voices, even non-readers can enjoy this app. Kids can also interact with the pages by tapping on speech bubbles and objects on the page, and by exploring the mini-games that appear seamlessly within the story.

Best For

Reading the Magic School Bus books has always been fascinating and fun for all kinds of kids, but this interactive app is even better. There is so much jam-packed into this app that kids will want to play it repeatedly to find all the interesting interactive elements hiding in these underwater scenes.

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The Magic School Bus: Oceans
Released: 3/1/2011
Company: Scholastic
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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