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Hop: The Movie Game

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The Bottom Line
A shooting game heavily steeped in sugar-coated violence. Not meant for little kids.
"Hop: The Movie Game" takes place in four locations found in the movie, including locations in Hollywood and in the candy factory on Easter Island. Each location features five adventure levels with five mini-games interspersed between them.
The adventure levels are shown from a top-down perspective and look like a maze. The object of each is to navigate the maze while collecting jellybeans (the currency in the game), avoiding shots by shooting machines and enemies, and figuring out how to trigger switches and doors so that you can reach the exit point.
In each of these adventure levels, you control a gun-touting Fred. Some rooms you enter are strewn with jellybeans for you to collect and crates and barrels for you to shoot open (they contain other candies, including some that can be used as bullets, explosive devices and projectiles). But many rooms are filled with a variety of shooting machines and enemies (bunnies, chicks, and others) that are shooting at you, as well as sharp flying discs and toxic green vapor that you have to avoid.

The easiest way to dispatch enemies and disable shooting machinery is to shoot back. Most enemies will take several hits before they fall back and then disappear in a puff of smoke, usually leaving you something helpful to collect. As you progress, you'll find new and more powerful guns, and you will need to rotate among them depending on your obstacle or enemy. Many obstacles are color-coded so that you will know to rotate to the gun that matches the color of the object that you want to blow up. The various guns shoot candies or a stream of chocolate; but the candies look like bullets. The chocolate appears as a stream of brown goo and turns anything it hits into chocolate candies that Fred can eat. You must also figure out how to trigger switches and buttons to open up new areas, and to navigate moving platforms.
As you play through these adventure levels on the bottom screen, your health is depicted on the top screen as a chocolate man. Disturbingly, as you get hit by enemies, your chocolate man loses parts of his body, as if he has been eaten or broken off. When you lose all of your chocolate man, Fred stops moving in the bottom screen and leans over. He then reappears at your last save point with a new fully-shaped chocolate man on the top screen.
Between each adventure level is one of five mini-games. One is a whack-a-mole knockoff about tapping Pink Beret bunnies as they try to come out of Easter Island portals. Another game involves bowling with a Jawbreaker candy to knock down a group of chicks. Another is a simple catch game, where candies are falling from the sky. The best one is a hidden picture game about finding Easter eggs. Also good is a music rhythm game about tapping a drum set at just the right time.
Hop: The Movie Game just doesn't do this license justice. It's unnecessarily full of inappropriate violence for the group of kids likely to play it. Don't be fooled into thinking that a weapon which shoots marshmallows is a piece of fluff -- in this game, it is a gun that destroys. Likewise, the game turns Easter eggs into grenades that explode destroying groups of enemies by turning them into chocolate. The vibe is just off in this game where treasured Easter holiday items become weapons of destruction. Skip this game for kids ages five to seven. Some eight- to ten-year-olds might like it, if their parents are OK with a game heavily steeped in sugar-coated violence.

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Hop: The Movie Game
Company: 505 Games
Price: 29.99
Platforms: Nintendo DS