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Auryn HD - Teddy's Day

Auryn HD - Teddy's Day



A charming story about what a Teddy Bear does while his owner is away.
The Bottom Line
A special book about the secret life of a little girl's Teddy Bear that shouldn't be missed!

Charming Story

Kids love this story about a Teddy Bear's secret life because they are in on his secret. When Teddy's little girl owner is off at school, Teddy has all sorts of fun if you tap the screen. He will dance with a doll, fill the screen with paint (which you wipe off), and jump on the bed. When the little girl tries to find out what Teddy does all day long by spying on him, he fakes that he is just a Teddy Bear.

What Makes This Book App Great

The magic of Teddy's Day book app comes from incorporating things you do into the story. If you draw a picture, it appears on the wall. If you move the puzzle pieces around, you can complete the puzzle. Also,the animation is special, and the book is read by a charmingly sweet little girl's voice. It is adapted from Bruno Hachler's "What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day" book, which was illustrated by Birte Muller.

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Auryn HD - Teddy's Day
Released: 11/15/2010
Company: Auryn
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store