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How Rocket Learned to Read - by Tad Hills

How Rocket Learned to Read - by Tad Hills



Darling story about how a little dog learns to read from a bird.
The Bottom Line
One of the cutest stories about learning to read that will likely motivate your child to do the same!


Rocket is a little dog who reluctantly learns to read by listening to the teachings of a little bird.

How to Play

Featuring the original story and artwork by Tad Hills from his best-selling picture book How Rocket Learned to Read comes to life on the iPad by giving kids multiple ways to interact with Rocket. They can tap, tilt, swipe and blow into the microphone to make things happen, including helping Rocket draw letters in the snow.

What Makes This App Good?

As Rocket learns to read, so does the child. The words of the story highlight when read, and touching any word on the page triggers a voiceover. The app even remembers what page you were on if you have to exit before the story is over. At the end of the story, kids can play two fun learning games about reading.

Best For

How Rocket Learned to Read is a perfect read for children just starting to learn to read. It is a wonderful story filled with remarkable illustrations and interactions.

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How Rocket Learned to Read - by Tad Hills
Released: 1/21/2011
Company: Random House Digital, Inc
Price: 4.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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