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Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life

Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life



Grab your controllers, fire up the Wii, and see who is King of the Jungle in this nature-based trivia game.
The Bottom Line
A fun science trivia game for the whole family.

The Setup

This test-your-knowledge game is perfect for families who enjoy science and exploring the amazing creatures found in our world. It offers many ways for families to play together, but at its heart it is a trivia game about science.

From the main menu, there are three game modes: Quiz Mode (to explore with up to four or alone), Quest Mode (a single-player experience), and Stat Attacks (for group or solo play). There are also puzzles to explore, including jigsaw and sliders.

A Family Trivia Smackdown!

This first trivia game from National Geographic showcases the Nat Geo brand well by providing us with over 2000 stunning graphics from around the world. The video and graphics are incorporated into 5000 image-based questions.

For kids, the best way to take down their parents in the Quiz Mode is to explore the Quest Mode by themselves first. The Quest mode allows kids to pick from four series: Amazing Planet, Dangerous Encounters, Aquatic Life and Predators vs. Prey. As you quest around the earth, you are shown many videos and then asked questions about what you have seen. Within each series, kids can set the difficulty level of the questions presented to them, choosing from easy, medium and hard. However, even at easy, these questions will be challenging and thus this is a game best played by kids ages 10-up. By playing through this Quest mode, kids will actually learn a lot of the trivia questions that appear in the Quiz mode.
The Quiz mode is a standard trivia game with several different rounds, and each round has different rules on how you earn points. In some rounds, every player can earn points if they select the correct answer. In other rounds only the first player to select the correct answer will get the points. There are even rounds in which you can steal points from other players if you are the first to correctly select an answer.

The Stat Attack mode is similar to playing the card game "War." In this game you are given animals cards that contain statistics. You compare your animal card's statistics against your opponent's card. The statistics have to do with things like rarity, size, speed and aesthetics. The player with the higher statistics wins the other player's card.

Game Analysis

Throughout the different modes, players will be exposed to a wide variety of question types. There are traditional true and false, multiple choice and odd-one-out questions, but there are also ones that are unique to using this visual database. One kind of question you will encounter involves looking at a photo in which only part of it is revealed. In others you must identify what you are seeing on the screen.

The graphics in Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life appear in high definition, even while playing on the Nintendo Wii. The rich graphical interface has a lot to do with making this game exciting to play.

We reviewed this game on the Nintendo Wii and found, at times, that the Wii remote was not as responsive as we would have liked. Plus, instead of just pointing the Wii remote at the screen, at times you must select your answer by using the multi-directional keypad. That took some getting used to.
Another thing that some players might not appreciate is snarky comments from the host of the game show whenever you are incorrect or your score is tallied at the end of a round in which you lose.

Nevertheless, Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life is a fun family game and one in which everyone will learn something new as they play. The game allows up to four players to compete, but it also provides for team play. This game is a great way for families to explore more about the world together while fostering friendly competition.

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Nat Geo Challenge! Wild Life
Released: 11/16/2010
Company: D3 Publisher
Price: 29.95
Platforms: Wii
Available: Amazon

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