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Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds HD



Bird flinging, pig grunting, castle-toppling fun for the whole family!
The Bottom Line
This classic app is the master of slingshot puzzling!


This popular physics puzzler involves shooting angry birds out of a sling-shot to crash into castles where pigs are hiding. The pigs are feeling the ire of the birds because they stole the birds' eggs. It is a silly premise, but the flinging-to-knock-down-structures part is amazingly well done. With more puzzles added regularly, each using realistic physics, this app is a hoot to explore.

How to Play

By pulling back on the birds, players can control the flight path and the strength of the flying bird. The avian heroes have special powers that can be activated mid-flight. The pigs build castles out of a variety of materials, including wood, ice, and rock. The goal for each puzzle is to use your limited birds to knock down and smash the egg-stealing swine.

What Makes This App Good?

Kids can learn some physics while experimenting with flinging birds. They will use logic and skill as they try different trajectories to counter the force of physics and the structural integrity of the pigs' castles.

This App Was Designed for General Public

Since this isn't an app made specifically for kids, Angry Birds HD has in-app purchases, connection to Game Center, social media links, and ads.

Best For

Angry Birds HD is great fun for players who enjoy puzzles that require trial and error.

This Angry Birds HD app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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