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Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure

Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure



The Bottom Line
Cute educational games for preschoolers on the Wii, DS, and Windows.
Preschoolers visit the zoo with cute Elmo, great giggler Zoe, and Chris the zookeeper. While exploring five habitats, kids meet and play over 15 learning games with a variety of animals, including parrots, monkeys, dolphins, elephants and polar bears.
The games focus on teaching letter recognition, letter sounds and word families. Kids will select hoops for dolphins to jump through, based on the object shown in the hoop. If the dolphin likes the letter "F" then you should choose the hoop showing a fork rather than the one showing a barn. And the Muppets will help out by naming the objects so kids can hear the beginning word sound as well as see the object. With sea turtles, they will learn to make word families by adding lettered hats to turtles already carrying a word family like "ake" to make the words "cake," "rake" and "snake."
As with the Cookie's Counting Carnival, the Wii version of this Elmo game is the most interactive, and it encourages preschoolers to be active while gaming. It comes with an Elmo Wii Remote cover to make the experience more fun for little kids.

Like the Cookie Monster game, this Elmo game also suffers a little from too much uninterruptible instructing and games that require kids to wait. But overall, the experience is a good one, with the difficulty of the subject matter adjusting to your kid's experience and hints appearing for preschoolers who are struggling.

Both Cookie's Counting Carnival and Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure have some great family-friendly features. Parents can manage the profiles of their children and see which games they have played most often. They can set a game timer that limits kids to playing 5, 10, 15 or 20 games per play session. And in the Wii versions of both games, parents can join in to help by activating a separate Wii remote.

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Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure
Company: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Price: 29.99
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