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I Spy Spooky Mansion for iPad

I Spy Spooky Mansion for iPad



Solve hidden objects puzzles inside an eerie mansion!
The Bottom Line
Intriguing hidden objects puzzles in and around a scary mansion create ghoulish fun.

Spooky Treasure Hunt

Enter this spooky mansion if you dare! But you will be locked in, so beware!

How to Play

In and around a spooky mansion are hidden objects waiting to be found. Kids listen to rhyming clues and then search through crowded photos to find the requested objects. Solving the 21 puzzles will earn players the seven keys they need to escape from this dilapidated estate. Their search will take them to seven locations, including the library, the study, the living room, the graveyard, the roof, the fountain, and the front yard to solve riddles such as:
I spy two skeletons, three mouths open wide,
Two shoes two rats, and a brush on its side.

What Makes This Puzzle App So Good

With the high-definition iPad screen, which can be zoomed in and out, this puzzle app is a delight to explore. Since all clues are spoken aloud, even young kids can go searching with great success. The riddles challenge kids to think about multiple meanings of words, thus expanding their vocabularies. For example, in the clue above, one of the "shoes" belongs to a horse. Solving the visual puzzles requires that kids concentrate and look at each object in the crowded scene.
The settings of each hidden object puzzle is appropriately creepy with cobwebs scattered about and weird objects poking out. The background music contributes to the eerie mood.

Best For

I Spy Spooky Mansion for iPad is great fun for kids who love visual puzzles. There is a version for the iPhone as well.

This updated I Spy Spooky Mansion for iPad app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen. The original review was published on July 16, 2010.

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I Spy Spooky Mansion for iPad
Released: 11/13/2013
Company: Scholastic
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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