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The Lorax

The Lorax



This book app elegantly transfers Dr. Seuss' classic cautionary tale of how industry's excesses can negatively impact an environment as kids read about how the Lorax tried to save his beloved Truffula Trees.
The Bottom Line
This book app delivers a powerful story about what happens to an environment when someone thoughtlessly destroys a species; and it can be a good catalyst for a discussion about environmental issues.


The original illustrations and story of the beloved "The Lorax" book from Dr. Seuss is masterfully presented with great narration and the ability to touch anything in the illustrations and have it connected to the written word.

A Cautionary Tale

The Lorax book app tells the tale of a greedy, thoughtless factory owner who comes to a town and starts cutting down their precious Truffula Forest. The Lorax, a cantankerous fellow but protectorate of the Forest, pleads with the factory owner to cease the devastation but to no avail. As more and more trees are downed, the Lorax is forced to send the animals living in the Truffula Forest elsewhere. Eventually, the factory owner kills every tree and creates a desolate landscape.
After many years of living on the barren land, the guilty factory owner meets the boy to whom this story is told. The tale ends with the factory owner tossing the only remaining Truffula seed to the boy in hopes that he can fix what the factory owner had ruined.

App Analysis

This story features the original artwork from Dr. Seuss, but zooms in on parts of the illustrations to create drama. A gifted narrator reads the powerful story. Kids can interact with every object in the scene, to see it associated with its word. There are no animations; but the words do highlight when read.

Best For

Purchase the The Lorax together with The Lorax Garden because when played in tandem, they provide a powerful environmental message for kids.

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The Lorax
Released: 4/16/2010
Company: Oceanhouse Media
Price: 3.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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