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The Daring Game for Girls

The Daring Game for Girls



This girl focused game offers positive messages and broad activites.
The Bottom Line
A fun adventure for girls full of positive messages.

Girl-Power Game

The essence of this game is that girls can do anything they put their mind to. The game surrounds girls with a supportive world by filling the load screens with inspirational messages from famous women, including "Women are the real architects of society" (Harriet Beecher Stowe) and "Rest and you rust" (Helen Hayes).

Through its clever gameplay, the game challenges girls to excel in sports, build things, run businesses and explore new places. It teaches girls how to befriend others and use their minds to solve puzzles; and it sends a message that learning new things is cool. All of this positive energy is found inside a fun storyline, which doesn't involve an ounce of makeup or the donning of a single high fashion outfit.

Open World to Explore

Girls enter this world by selecting avatars to represent them. Again, affirmative messages abound as the players see many ethnicities and features in the avatar selection.

When girls arrive, their avatars can walk or run through a big open world with three distinct environments: the neighborhood, the school and the camping ground. In each location, there are other kids with whom to talk and play. With some you will play sports like basketball, soccer and tetherball. With others you will explore academic interests, including collecting pages to a report on the Periodic Table or answering trivia questions about famous women in history or other academic subjects. Some kids teach you how to do things like plant a garden and make suggestions about places to go.

Earn Badges

Your goal is to earn at least four of the six Daring Girl badges, which cover arts and literature, life skills, world knowledge, sports and games, girl lore, and adventure. Everything you do earns you points toward these badges. So, when you make friendship bracelets to distribute to new kids, you not only gain friends but you'll gain badge points too.

You will also need to earn enough money to acquire 12 essential gear items needed to go on a big trip at the end of the game. You can make money by running businesses and doing activities. Some of the gear can be earned by winning games. For example, if you win the Around the World basketball shooting game, you will win a Swiss Army Knife. But if you aren't good at basketball, you can opt to purchase the knife in the neighborhood stores.

Game Analysis

This game cleverly intertwines teaching girls new things with fun game play. For example, if you decide to sell lemonade at the corner stand, you will simulate cutting up lemons, squeezing the juice, adding the sugar, and stirring in the water. Next you'll set the price and decide on a marketing plan (put out flyers, hire help, offer samples, etc.) Then, you'll open for business and kids will stream by. By experimenting with the many factors, you can increase the number of people who buy and therefore your profits.

Another great thing about the game is that it provides a wide range of activities for girls to explore. If you want to garden and sell your flowers or produce, you can do that. If you like to collect things, you can find birds, periodic elements and classic books. How about learning to build things? The game simulates the building of 16 useful things including a rope ladder, a scooter which you can race and a flower press. It also offers many sports activities including rump rope, freeze tag and soccer. There is something for everyone, and you can pick and choose according to your interests.

Best For

The Daring Game for Girls is a masterpiece because it incorporates so many positive messages (be active, pursue knowledge, be kind, be curious, don't be afraid to try new things) into a compelling can-do adventure. It is a video game that you will feel good about having your daughter explore.

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The Daring Game for Girls
Released: 3/10/2010
Company: Majesco
Price: 30.00
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Available: Amazon

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