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Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby: My Musical World

Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby: My Musical World



The Bottom Line
A great way to introduce toddlers to the computer and to music. This computer software is meant to be played by parents and kids together.
Designed to be your child's first exposure to the computer, "My Musical World" will respond to any touch by your little one, whether that is hitting any key on the keyboard or moving or clicking the computer mouse. Touching the computer might result in kids seeing musical instruments play, animated musical notes magically appearing on musical staffs, and crazy animals performing doo-wop or marching in a band.

For parents who are worried that their kids will accidentally click into their important files, the program won't allow it. Once the program is launched, any key touched, even the "Escape" or "Ctrl" keys, generates a visual effect on the screen.
My Musical World offers 14 activities for parents and kids to explore together. All are introduced by the game's mascot, Flopsy the Dog. Many of the activities can be explored in two modes: play and music.

The play mode usually involves something silly happening on the screen whenever a child taps a key. For example, an animal may turn a somersault or mice might scurry out of the end of a clarinet. The music mode is all about hearing and seeing music played. In one activity, a piano keyboard will show up on the screen and when you hit the computer keyboard, keys on the piano keyboard will play. In another, you can see and hear animals playing instrumental parts of a bigger composition.
Some of the activities include "Play an Instrument," where parents can click on any of the nine instruments shown on the left to make them appear in the center of the screen. When children tap the keyboard, they hear and see that instrument play. In the "Barbershop Doo-Wop" activity, an elephant, a pig, a giraffe, and a monkey sing. When kids tap the keyboard, the background colors change. In another, Flopsy the Dog shows up as a rock star; and each tap to the keyboard makes his appearance change. He might go from having spiked hair to a head full of funky flowing curls.

While My Musical World can be used as lapware, with a baby sitting on your lap and banging away on the keyboard, the game is better suited for toddlers and preschoolers who can benefit from the lessons in cause-and-effect and in music. Many of the musical activities actually tie the C major scale to the keys found in each row of the keyboard. That way, you can actually sound out music.
My Musical World is a good way to introduce young children to the computer because there is no failure here, just fun, positive animations. It is also a great way to introduce children to music. The game shows musical instruments playing, and it allows parents to introduce seven different musical styles by providing more than 80 songs to hear. Kids will see bright colorful graphics, and they will be charmed by the friendly animals that populate this world.
The game has very little talking because the concept behind this game is that parents or caregivers should provide the commentary. Parents can use this captivating computer program the same way they do a children's book – as a catalyst for interaction. Parents will want to point and talk about the many silly things that happen on the screen, and bounce or sway to the music with their kids.

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Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby: My Musical World
Company: Leveractive
Price: 19.99
Platforms: Mac