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Active Life: Extreme Challenge

Active Life: Extreme Challenge



Nine active sports games, but it isn't as good as last year's game.
The Bottom Line
Second game in Active Life series isn't quite as good as the first one since it has less games, no co-op mode, no exercise mode.

Game Analysis

Active Life: Extreme Challenge falls short of the high standards established in the first game of this series. It only offers nine sports as compared to the 16 found in the original. Two of those nine (jump rope and inline skating) are extensions of sports introduced in the first Outdoor Challenge game. Several of the nine sports are very similar in how they are played. In the multiplayer mode, there is competitive play for two players, but the game is missing the cooperative mode that helped to make Outdoor Challenge so attractive. Extreme Challenge doesn't offer the Exercise Training mode found in the original, and you can no longer keep track of your active points or target parts of your body to work out.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad game; it just isn't a great one. Since Outdoor Challenge pioneered what a good sports compilation should look like for kids, expectations were high for this second game in the Active Life series. But a lot has happened in the last year, and Namco Bandai didn't innovate enough to make this game rise above other great active games like EA Sports Active and Wii Sports Resort.

How to Play

Here's what you get with Extreme Challenge. Like its predecessor, you play the game by using a special exercise mat. Kids will jump, sit, run and – new this year – kneel in front of the mat controller to hit its markings. Some games use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as well.

The Sports Included

The sports included are: street luge, jump-roping, rock climbing, BMX racing, kite-surfing, skateboarding, inline skating, base jumping and wakeboarding. The game also offers many variations on how to play the core sports.

With street luge, you sit on the mat and direct your raceboard by tapping on the mat's symbols. In BMX racing, your feet are on the mat, and you direct your bike by tilting the Wii remote. In one version, you will have to run in place to accelerate your speed. In skateboarding, wakeboarding, kite-surfing, and one version of inline skating, the game play is all about jumping at the right times and then tapping symbols with your foot to perform tricks while in the air. The jump-roping activities are about timing jumps to match the ropes being swung on the screen. Rock climbing is done by kneeling in front of the mat and hitting the symbols with your hands.

Lots of Ways to Play

The game can be explored in single and multiplayer modes. In both, you have three options of play: Extreme Tournament where you tackle three to five activities at once for a combined score, Challenge Mode where the objectives are harder and Free Play where you can choose any activity to explore. All of the sports can be played in four levels of difficulty, but those difficulty levels must be unlocked by playing through the easier levels. You can also bring your favorite Miis into the game after completing all of the activities in the Beginners Course of the Extreme Tournament.

Kids will have fun being active with this compilation, but many of the games seem similar. The multiplayer games aren't as innovative as those in its predecessor. And some of the games are just harder to play; so this sequel is best played by kids ages 6 to 10.

Best For

The good news for owners of last year's Outdoor Challenge is that if you still have your exercise mat, you can simply buy Extreme Challenge without the mat for $39.99 and save yourself $20. It is a good way to breathe some life into playing with the Active Life Mat Controller, and to get your kids up and moving instead of playing video games by sitting on the couch.

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Active Life: Extreme Challenge
Company: Namco Bandai Games, Inc
Price: 59.99
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Platforms: Wii
Available: Amazon