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The Tale of Despereaux (Console Version)

The Tale of Despereaux (Console Version)



The Bottom Line
The console game has floaty controls and isn't as good as the DS game.
The console version plays out over 15 levels, as Despereaux explores the kingdom of Dor, befriends the Princess Pea, and then quests to save her when she is kidnapped. You control Despereaux as he learns to shimmy up walls, float in the air after he jumps by using his oversized ears, tiptoe past humans, jump from wall to wall, straddle narrow pathways, swing on ropes, and many more mouse-like actions.
The world depicted is fascinating to look at because you see everything from the perspective of a mouse. In each level, it is fun to see just what things Despereaux can or cannot climb on.
But controlling Despereaux is where this game runs into a bit of trouble because it is harder than it should be. Despereaux tends to float places you don’t want him to go, and getting him to jump on the exact spot he should is frustrating. The game uses a fixed camera angle so, at times, it is very hard to judge where to jump.
On the plus side, this game is made for children because it provides lots of hints including a trail of cheese to follow to help you make it through each level. The game automatically saves numerous times within each level so that if you fail (and you will), you don’t have to replay the whole level. And the game can be played on two levels of difficulty.
The E10+ rating is a result of the combat found within the game. One level is particularly scary when you have to fight giant hairy spiders that are bigger than Desperaux.

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The Tale of Despereaux (Console Version)
Company: Atari
Price: 40.00