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American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge!

American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge!


30.00 - 69.88

American Girl fans solve six mysteries, but the game lacks pizzazz.
The Bottom Line
Six mysteries that aren't very interactive and thus not that much fun.

How to Play

In this game, which is played on the Nintendo DS using both the stylus and the multi-directional game controller, you lead Kit around her house and town to solve mysteries.

Six Mysteries

In one mystery, you are trying to discover who left the chicken coop door open. In another, you are trying to find some missing pearls. In all, there are six mysteries to solve. You sleuth by moving around to talk to people, gather evidence, and look for clues.

Game Analysis

On the positive side, the game requires girls to do a lot of reading. By clicking on the onscreen Clue Book, you can always get a reminder of what you should be looking for next. And all of what you collect, including testimony from others, physical objects you pick up, and items that you carry, show up in your Evidence Inventory. Plus, when you have collected three pieces of evidence to support a theory of who is the guilty suspect, you must use logic to solve the case. The six mysteries will keep you sleuthing for quite a while, if you can stick with it.
On the negative side, the game play moves slowly and isn't all that interesting to play. Instead of engaging you by having you decide what you want to ask, the game simply controls all interaction between characters – you are just an observer. Plus, the controls are burdensome because you are constantly putting down the stylus to use the multi-directional controller to move Kit, and then picking the stylus back up again to tap on things on the screen.

The Bottom Line

While this game is more true to the world of Kit Kittredge, it isn't all that much fun to play.

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American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge!
Company: THQ
Price: 30.00 - 69.88
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Available: Amazon

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