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American Girl: Kit A Tree House of My Own

American Girl: Kit A Tree House of My Own



The Bottom Line
Six fun casual games, but not much about the Kit story.
Of the two games, American Girl: Kit games, A Tree House of My Own, is more fun to play. Unlike in the movie where Kit's tree house is a central location for her to share confidences with her friends, in this game, the tree house isn't built yet.
The goal of the game is to collect six tools needed to turn a pile of wood into a tree house. With a point-and-click interface, girls direct Kit to move throughout her house and yard to talk to boarders, friends, and family members in hopes of finding the tools she needs. Kit will find six people and each person needs help with a chore or project.
By agreeing to help, the player enters a casual game mode where the game can be played on 20 levels of difficulty. With Kit's mom, you play a cooking game that resembles the gameplay made popular by the Cooking Mama series of games. In a limited amount of time, you must make pancakes by combining ingredients in a bowl, stirring them until mixed, cooking them in a skillet, and then smothering them with butter and syrup.
With best friend Ruthie, you play a scrambled word game. Brother Charlie needs help wrangling the chickens, a game where you try to quickly draw circles around moving chickens. There is also a side-scrolling game where the cursor becomes a cello and you move it to collecting good musical notes (while avoiding the bad ones), a pop-the-matching-colored-balloons game, and one about catching falling laundry into baskets.
The Kit Kittredge story is about a courageous little girl who brings spunk, grit, and a can-do attitude to a worsening situation in which her father loses his job and the family struggles to keep their house out of foreclosure. By turning Kit's interactions with others into fun, but mostly frivolous casual games, this PC game seems to trivialize the seriousness of growing up during the Great Depression. It is a game in which developers ignored the essence of the Kit Kittredge license and simply tied it to classic casual games.

If your child likes to play casual games, this is well done for what it is.

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American Girl: Kit A Tree House of My Own
Company: THQ
Price: 20.00
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