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WALL-E (DS Version)

WALL-E (DS Version)



The Bottom Line
A version that is easier to play than the console version of WALL-E, but one that is not as much fun.
For kids ages 7 and 8, the Nintendo DS version of WALL-E from THQ is the way to go. This version is simpler than the console version and consists of a series of puzzles where the objective is to get WALL-E or EVE through an environment by manipulating things in their surroundings. For example, after WALL-E compacts garbage into a cube, if he then throws that cube across a chasm to hit a button, a bridge appears which allows him to wheel across into a new area.
While some of WALL-E's charm is lost in this small-screen format, and you must play through a series of similar puzzles before you reach the end of a level, the game does provide an interesting and mobile way of playing within the WALL-E universe.

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WALL-E (DS Version)
Company: THQ
Price: 30.00