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Mia Reading: The Bugaboo Bugs!

Mia Reading: The Bugaboo Bugs!



The Bottom Line
A fantastic learning adventure that contains games about reading. Don't miss this one!
This is the fifth Mia learning adventure game from Kutoka. In each, you direct the movements of Mia, who wears purple overalls, a red bow in her hair, and carries a backpack that can magically store anything you find, no matter the size or weight. If you can't figure out where to go, Mia will help you. All you have to do is click on her head.
Mia lives in a grand old Victorian house with her family and a fanciful cast of friends. When you enter Mia's beautifully drawn 3-D world, you feel as if you are walking around inside an animated feature film. And you view the world from the perspective of a little mouse.
In this adventure, Mia's house has been invaded by the Bugaboo Bugs, careless insects that leave messes throughout the house. Fearing that the humans who share the house with Mia and her family will notice the pests and decide to call an exterminator, Mia decides to do something to convince the bugs to move on. As kids play through the adventure with Mia, they will also encounter 12 outstanding educational games that reinforce reading and writing skills taught in kindergarten to third grades. The games can be played on four levels of difficulty.
As Mia explores her environment and seeks help and advice from others, most of the characters she meets have a game they need her to play before they can help her. In one, to get a bee to help Mia, you place lights on a board in a sequence to either create letters or, at the higher levels, words. In another, you arrange picture stamps to create a story. The games cover associating words with images, phonics, spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, reading comprehension, word recognition, rhymes, logic, and more.
Because these educational activities can be played separately from the adventure, they provide children a way to continue playing the software after completing the adventure.

In the landscape of children's technology, this software game stands out. It offers endearing characters that are hilarious to watch and even more fun to interact with, stunning graphics, an engaging storyline, no violence, and age-appropriate educational activities that are fresh in their approach to learning. If you are looking for quality edutainment for a child, treat him or her to this wonderful adventure.

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Mia Reading: The Bugaboo Bugs!
Company: Kutoka
Price: 25.00
Platforms: Mac