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Go Diego Go!: Safari Rescue

Go Diego Go!: Safari Rescue



In Go Diego Go!: Safari Rescue, kids join Diego and his friends on an African Serengeti adventure to save wild animals that have been transformed by a mean magician. Magic spells have turned elephants into rocks, removed the stripes from zebras, and shortened the necks of giraffes.
To undo these dastardly deeds, kids play a series of games that make use of the unique DS controls. For some, they will use their finger or the stylus to help Diego travel around on the screen or move objects blocking the way. Whenever he finds an animal in distress, he can help it by taking its picture, a fun activity that turns the screen into a viewfinder. Other games make use of the DS microphone, including having children blow into it to fill up a hot air balloon or shout out words in Spanish to help characters. There are some games that teach colors by matching environments to the color displayed.
Unlike in Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids, the Safari Rescue storyline is easy to follow. Plus, kids take photos of African animals that they find, which appear in a Safari book; but unfortunately, these animals are never identified.

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Go Diego Go!: Safari Rescue
Company: 2K Play
Price: 29.99