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The Bee Movie Game

The Bee Movie Game



The Bottom Line
An inventive movie tie-in game, but it can be confusing to navigate. Best for ages 8-12
Bee Movie Game is a linear game with minigame side quests. The game opens inside the hive of a bee colony in Central Park in New York City. You play as Barry, the young bee college graduate who can't commit to doing the same job in the hive for the rest of his life.

You start in New Hive City, a hexagonal world that looks just like the movie set. Jerry Seinfeld speaks for Barry; and the game, like the movie, is full of puns and clever insect jokes.

As you walk or drive your car around the hive's many roadways, you will find jobs waiting for you to try. For example, you can sort good honey from bad, unload tanks of honey from trucks, or take the good bee citizens around the New Hive City by providing a taxi service. All of these odd jobs take the form of minigames, and they earn you honey snacks, the currency of this world.
The heart of the game is presented in 15 missions outside of the hive, which track the plot of the movie. You view Central Park and beyond from a bee's perspective. You must finish one mission before the next will unlock. At times, you need to play inside the hive to earn enough honey snacks to pay for a flight pass outside of the hive to continue the movie's adventure. The missions will place you in hazardous situations, including aerial dogfights with wasps, avoiding collisions with cars, and trying to stay alive while on top of a tennis ball during a match.
Kids relive the movie by watching video clips and playing the missions. These missions are where the game shines. Activision has taken the movie sequences and expanded them to create unique gameplay that is exciting. For example, when trapped in a rainstorm in the movie, Barry seeks refuge at human Vanessa's apartment because bees can't fly in the rain. In the game, you have to navigate between the raindrops to get to Vanessa's apartment. The game mechanics provide you with special Bee Reflexes which, when activated, make the raindrops move in slow-motion and allow you to enter special wind tunnels. To get through the level, you need to use your surroundings, including hiding under awnings, flower pots, and picnic tables.
While this game features many unique levels of inventive gameplay, it falls short of a perfect rating because it can be confusing to play, and at times, it is too repetitive. Within the hive, you frequently hit invisible walls and spend a lot of time trying to find the new areas that are open to you. Within the missions, some of the instructions are inadequate, and the save points are too far apart. Also, the frequent activity of pollinating flowers quickly becomes tedious.

In addition to the Story Mode that retells the movie, the game has a Multiplayer Mode which offers racing games and two-player bee-themed arcade games. The Wii version has some games that are unique to that version.
This is a game geared for kids; and yet, the game play is so challenging that the youngest fans of the movie won't be able to play it. This game fits best with kids ages 8-12. For them, being a bee will be wild fun.

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The Bee Movie Game
Company: Activision
Price: 20.00
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