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My Sims (Wii Version)

My Sims (Wii Version)



The Bottom Line
The Wii version is better than the DS, but it's all about constructing things. If your kids don't like to follow blueprints and build things, then skip it.
The Wii version is better than the DS version. While it too is a task-based game, its main focus is on creativity. Kids become architects and furniture builders as they design and construct a town that will attract new residents.
While talking to other characters is part of the game play, most of your time is spent using a nifty set of virtual building blocks to create things and buildings that residents need. You are given a few blueprints, and gain more as rewards for completing building tasks. You can also design your own furniture in your workshop.
You will also need to harvest "Essences," special magical ingredients that you can add to your creations to make them more appealing to the other characters. Each character has "Essences" that he or she prefers. Essences can be shaken out of trees, found in the ground with a special kind of metal detector, fished for, and earned from interactions with other Sims.
Since so much time is spent constructing things, this is a good game for children who like to play with LEGOs. If building is not their thing, they will probably get bored with this gameplay.
Unfortunately, this game suffers from frequent slowdowns. Every time you enter or exit a building, you have to wait for the game to load the next scene, interrupting the flow of the game. And there are no multi-player options.

These Wii Sims are a little more hip than the Sims in the DS version, and a little more entertaining to watch. Again, reading is required to understand the tasks assigned by the Mayor.

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My Sims (Wii Version)
Company: Electronic Arts
Price: 49.99