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My Sims (DS Version)

My Sims (DS Version)



The Bottom Line
A build-a-town simulation that is all about making friendships, but which moves so slowly that it may not be worth the time investment.
The DS version of My Sims is a slow-paced, explore-a-world adventure. After designing your own character, who arrives in your to-be-named resort town, you become the mayor's "go-to" kid as you run errands and do her favors. The town is distressed and doesn't have many residents. But all that can change if you spread goodwill and help out the town's few inhabitants.
The mayor assigns you a series of tasks. As you accomplish them, the town's appearance improves, new residents arrive to open new businesses, and tourists start visiting.
The tasks are quite simple and include talking to other residents, planting flowers to beautify the town, repopulating the trees in the forest, or charming the tourists. As with other The Sims games, the characters all talk in gibberish. You control the tone of all interactions by choosing from conversation icons that appear. If you select the right series of icons, the happy meter over the head of the person you are speaking with will fill up, and you will make a new friend. Sometimes you end up arguing.
This world is prettily drawn in bright colors and the MySims are charming to watch, but the pace of the game is painstakingly slow. And the things you are asked to do don't take much thought. While there are nine mini-games scattered throughout this world, these can't overcome the sense of plodding through the game. Three of the games are set in a casino, a strange setting for a kid-oriented game.
Kids need to be old enough to read to play this E-rated game, since there are no voice-overs for the written explanations.

The bottom line is that this help-a-town sim, while cute, sucks up the time without much corresponding entertainment.

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My Sims (DS Version)
Company: Electronic Arts
Price: 29.99